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We’re a committed crew of cannabis explorers with decades of experience. We’re cultivators, science researchers, and enthusiasts that never stop innovating. Through partnerships with natural and organic hemp growers, we have perfected some of the highest-grade Delta 8, Delta 9, HHC and other cannabinoid products on the market, all to deliver products that help you relax, have fun, and Live The Island Way!!

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Jewels, Gold & Riches In Reefer’s Bay

Reefer’s Bay uses only high-quality natural and organic hemp and has the most advanced and capable cannabis R&D in the industry. This allows Reefer’s Bay to deliver the highest potencies and purities in the industry, with full dispensary-level lab testing to ensure safety. 

All Reefer’s Bay products meet federal requirements for full legal compliance.

 Our Reefers Say

Ordered the Mellow Runtz, was not disappointed. Great fruity flavor profile and potent.
Jeremy -
Bought an oz each of Londonchello and Medellin, recived it within 2 days and they work amazing. The taste and smell of these are absolutely unmatched with other terped d8 I’ve tried, wound up ordering some snow Montana and Collin ave just a minute ago Can’t wait for them to arrive
Reefers Customer - Seth B
Absolutely best decision I have ever made purchasing this product for my edible line! This product is by far the best thing I have used and will order only this moving forward! Fast efficient shipping and my customers are raving about the quality, taste, and overall effectiveness! Thank you Reefers Bay!!!
Jennifer -
These cartridges are super consistent and well priced. Flavors are great. We have tried most strains, and our favorites are Collins Ave and Lion’s Mane. Shipping is always smooth and quick. Thanks for being a great company!
Aerb -
😱 wow!
John -
Best gummies on the market tbh… had two and was out for like 10 hours haha.
Ash -